Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's Creative Illegal Immigration Policy

I'm surprised to say that, but I think that Pres Obama has the best immigration policy that I have seen for years.

Why do people want to come to America? Because they want to live the American Dream. Because they are looking for a better quality of life, the chance to get out of the poor environment that they currently living in or just because they are politically suppressed, have no freedom or speech or are persecuted for some other reason.

So one way is to seal up the borders, try to catch all these guys and spend billions of dollars on building a fence, use expensive surveillance equipment and personnel to execute this task.

The problem is that people will always find a way to get it, will always find a way to smuggle drugs into the country.

But what if there is no incentive to come into the country anymore? What if the alleged country does not seem to give you much more opportunity than your own country.

Many years American presidents tried to increase the standard of living not just in the US, but at the same time also provide financial aid to support other countries to be able to provide better life for its citizens and freedom.

President Bush saw his goal in providing democracy to many countries in this world, be it through money or war.

But Pres Obama is so brilliant, that he understands that there is no way to actually bring up the standards in all these countries. He is more than anybody else for the equality of the world. He is a world citizen.

He is much more creative - He knows that the only way to achieve this goal of reducing illegal immigration is by letting the American economy collapse and the Dollar devalue so much, that nobody wants to come into the country anymore.

The all countries are in the same sh#$ and nobody wants to go somewhere else, because it is just as crappy there. Excellent.

He understands that Germans never wanted to move to Poland or the Czech Republic 10 or 15 years ago. There was just no incentive. Who wants to be worse off than they are now?

Bravo Mr President you truly understand the dynamics of illegal immigration and we are grateful that you will put an end to it!!

The Alien Patriot

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barack Obama as the president of the world

Don't we sometimes think, what a guy is doing after he was President of the United States? What's with his ambitions, with his eagerness to rule?

I mean last year I was surprised that we even found somebody who would like to have that job. Barack Obama is not even 50, which means he is still quite young when he will get out of office, which I assume will be after his first administration.

He is moving with the speed of light to change things around in this country. He does have a bigger vision about the world. He is all in for globalization. He believes in world citizen's rather than Americans, Europeans etc.

Even the UN gets excited about the fact that globalization seems to be possible in many areas in the light of the global meltdown of the economy. UN Climate Change plan would 'reorder' world economy. I agree with Rick in his post, where he says:

The loss of sovereignty represented in that document will never fly in the US Senate no matter how many Democrats are there. Signing off on a "Copenhagen Agreement" that contains such draconian reductions in emissions as 20-40% by 2020 and 90% by 2050 according to a paper by a former British government official will never make it into law. We would have to destroy our economy to do it.

And maybe that is what is necessary for a global community. There are many things we didn't believe are possible just 3 months ago, which Barack Obama has already changed. So why is it inconceivable that he will let the Us economy tank for the greater good.

He would definitely be a contender for a world government role and maybe that is his vision. He seems to be driving strong and determined and I don't believe that his vision necessarily only points to the economic success of the US.

I have always been critical and remain so seeing Barack Obama as a person I cannot trust. A true politician. The reason why I left Europe and found my new home in the US was because of the unique features of the American Constitution.

But now I feel that Barack Obama tries really hard to change America into just another part of Europe. I believe he likes the idea of central world government and everybody should be on their toes and watch every step he is taking and protest this President tries to De-Americanize the US.